Deaths in Tokimeki

Deaths in Tokimeki 1984

Deaths in Tokimeki tells the disturbing, compulsive story of a hit-man waiting to carry out a job: the assassination of the leader of a religious cult, masterminded by the leader's own deputy. But it is a story that is told in blocks, like the phrases in a child's computer game, and what counts most is not the narrative but the spaces between the blocks-the gaps that are filled with undefined menaces as potent as anything in Lovecraft.

The New Morning of Billy the Kid

The New Morning of Billy the Kid 1986

All the protagonists move about in a Tokyo Bar that has an entire wall taken up with a black-and-white reproduction of a photo of Monument Valley. The action starts as Billy the Kid, in full living color, walks out of the photo and gets a job as a waiter. Along with him on the working staff are a samurai straight out of the history books, a G.I. from World War II, and several other anachronistic characters. The plot (as such) revolves around keeping away the brutal mobsters and thugs who dominate the city streets outside of the bar, making the tavern safe for its easily recognized facsimiles of well-known characters.

The Firechasers

The Firechasers 1971

Insurance investigator must find out who is setting fires. Along the way he meets and works with a beautiful newspaper reporter and falls in love.

Double Take

Double Take

14 years ago, disgraced architect John Dieb was jailed by Detective Torres for a diamond heist he swears he never committed. Now paroled, John reconnects with his estranged daughter, Samantha, but lands in Torres's crosshairs once again when a new diamond goes missing. Hauled in for interrogation, John must turn the tables on Torres and prove his innocence of both crimes if he ever hopes to see his daughter again.