The Box

The Box

The happy life of a Syrian kid alters instantly with the sudden war and he finds himself in a state of struggle. The war changes not only lives, but also the role of his box; first as a carefully built toy house, then as a place to take shelter in a refugee camp with full of dangers and finally as a boat that sails for a journey towards hope.


Spectators 1989

Based on a true incident involving a fatal riot at a Brussels football stadium, Spectators explores the behavior of crowds and the manipulation of the masses. At once ambiguous and deeply revealing, the film captures the emotional state of an audience gradually losing control.

A Sufi Tale

A Sufi Tale 1980

The inhabitants of a village learn to overcome their fears of the unknown.

Fatty Issues

Fatty Issues 1990

The cloak and dagger antics of a girl alone at home on a diet - weighing raisins, fiddling the scales, changing the definition of 'fruit' and blaming it all on her boyfriend...


Pituitary 1979

“It came from 1979! A paranoid tale of the myths and misconceptions surrounding body changes in adolescence. Found footage with hand drawn flourishes. In full 16mm punk-era unrestored decrepitude! Made in one week. Sound by Ground Zero, Boston.” —Lisa Crafts

The Family Holiday

The Family Holiday 1975

Got your holidays booked yet? Take a look at what Terminal Tours have to offer in this consciously coarse comic cartoon.

Spooky Kitaro: The All Seeing Eye

Spooky Kitaro: The All Seeing Eye 1980

Yasui is the president of a large company. After the war, he wandered into the world of evil spirits, where he obtained a hidden treasure "Geomancer's Eye". With the magical power of this treasure Yasui received enormous wealth. But the great miracles have a great price... A retelling of episode 37 from the 1971 TV anime.



In a strictly geometric environment, a man starts a fight with his shadow – with slapstick results. Will the shadow manage to win its long-desired freedom?



Life is difficult in the corner, in the angle where all edges meet. Everything is geometrically relative when laws of perspective and gravity start playing tricks on you.


Wizards 1985

Lost visions, forgotten dreams, ancient images with magic.