Radiant Flux

Radiant Flux 1999

There is no mass, but only waves of energy flowing continuously outwards towards our future leaving traces of luminescent color.

The Shareholder

The Shareholder 1963

An ideological satire starring a factory worker who starts out a believer and ends up a revolutionary.

Snow Cat

Snow Cat 1998

A grandmother tells her young grandchild the moving tale of a lonely girl and an unforgettable magical cat in this animated short narrated by Oscar®, Emmy and Tony award winner Maureen Stapleton. The film is based on a short story written by Dayal Kaur Khalsa and adapted by two-time Governor General's award recipient Tim Wynne-Jones.

Malice in Slumberland

Malice in Slumberland 1942

A dog who works as an air raid warden is all prepared for a good night's sleep. He is just starting to doze when the "dripping" noise of a leaky kitchen faucet awakens him. At first, he tries to ignore the problem by counting sheep (but the sheep turn into drips). He then tries to drown out the noise but this doesn't work either. Determined to stop the dripping, the dog puts a sponge in the sink to absorb the water. It absorbs too much water and expands tenfold. He then tries turning the faucet upside down. It "drips" upside down to the ceiling! He tries stopping it up with a cork but the tap inflates and spews it back out. Finally, the dog has had enough and pulls at the faucet until he's uprooted the plumbing of nearly the entire street! At last, the dog can get to sleep, his house on top of a water geyser!

The Little Mouse

The Little Mouse 1982

One idler cat sees in the attic three mice and decide that it would be fine breakfast for him


Journal 1998

The writer's intimate diary from October '96 to March '97, to the rhythm of animated sequences from day to day, according to events, sensations, memories, moods...

The Lady Said No

The Lady Said No 1946

Pepito approaches a beautiful senorita who icily rebuffs him, but he is persistent and she allows him to take her to an upscale restaurant, where Pepito can not pay the bill. The consequences are realized later when he finds himself at the altar, about to be married, a confused victim of a misunderstanding.


Rooted 1997

A young black man in an oppressive urban environment finds a new outlook by embracing his African roots.