Foxes of Chironup

Foxes of Chironup 1987

Foxes Ken and Chin become the proud parents of cubs, Koro and Kan, who enjoy a carefree life on the northern Japanese island of Chironup. They befriend a fisherman and his wife but are forced to run for their lives when soldiers on a military exercise decide to take home some fox pelts as souvenirs. A sweet little film that obliquely symbolizes the plight of Japan's aboriginal Ainu people and the northern islands that have been contested with Russia since they were occupied by Stalin's soldiers in 1945.

Dead Heat

Dead Heat 1987

Makoto is the driver of a rag-tag Formula X racing team competing in the bottom rung D-Class, with aspirations of one day making it to A-Class. When a mysterious benefactor sees potential in them, he offers his engineering services and shiny new engine to help them compete in the Open Cup. This yearly event is open to all classes and the winner automatically earns A-Class standing.

Czas sępa

Czas sępa 1987

In a lonely, rocky area dotted with human bones, the vulture takes its latest sacrifice. It then disappears into the rock hole to leave as a dove of peace with an olive branch in its beak.


Bagatelles 1977

Abstract images of frame-by-frame animation with subtle growing effects of crystals are enhanced by polarized colors.


Metamorphosis 1974

“Schwartz’ METAMORPHOSIS is a complex study of evolving lines, planes, and circles, all moving at different speeds, and resulting in subtle color changes. The only computer-generated work on the program, it transcends what many of us have come to expect of such film with its subtle variations and significant use of color.” – Catherine Egan

Blazing Transfer Student

Blazing Transfer Student 1991

Transfer student Takisawa Noboru quickly learns that all disputes at his new school are settled in the boxing ring. Now he finds himself in a series of showdowns with the local top dog, Ibuki Saburo, for the love and respect of the beautiful Yukari.

Munchers: A Fable

Munchers: A Fable 1973

Proto-claymation goes awry with talking teeth and a demonic decay character. Dancing vegetables highlight this great film.