Last Christmas

Last Christmas 1999

A young boy's dream of finding his dead father comes true when his father visits him as an angel. But things turn sour when he discovers that his father was not the hero he imagined him to be.

Mi fantasma y yo

Mi fantasma y yo 1988

A family of three moves to a haunted house. The couple's 10-year-old son runs into the ghost of the house but isn't scared. He tells the ghost that since his father is a writer of horror novels he lost fear of horror stories. The ghost then confides in the boy that he is a lonely ghost on account of the modern world focused on so many material priorities. Child and ghost become best friends, playing together, telling stories and helping the ghost pay his rent by scaring people every month.

Jungle of Death

Jungle of Death 1985

A Mexican scientific team and an Arab expedition clash over a powerful piece of metal hidden in the jungle. Oh yeah, and there's also aliens, a psychic, a sorcerer and a hostile tribe who do the occasional human sacrifice.

Retorno a la juventud

Retorno a la juventud 1954

An old professor in love with one of his students is rejected by her because of his advanced age. He then sells his soul in return for youth and a chance at love but things don't go as he planned.

Old Bill Through the Ages

Old Bill Through the Ages 1924

A soldier serving in the trenches during the First World War falls asleep and travels through time, encountering a number of historical figures.

The Poison

The Poison 2002

A hundred years ago, during a full moon night, the members of a cult named Asirapit perished under the assaults of a group of warriors. The only survivor of this worship devoted to the worship of a god snake, turns into an enormous reptile and succeeds in defeating the killers. Having become the protector of the temple, she will have to face a century later with new problems following the landing in the jungle of neighboring a lot of more or less well-intentioned people ...

A Lover's Oath

A Lover's Oath 1925

"The plot introduces Omar as a leader of his people but deals rather with the love of his nephew, Ben Ali, for the fairest daughter of the tribe" (Variety, 7 Oct 1925, p44).

Debbie Does Damnation

Debbie Does Damnation 1999

Debbie goes to hell after she commits suicide. When she gets there she finds herself in the middle of a power struggle. The Devil asks her to get his horns back so that he can regain control of his realm.

Ballet Tales

Ballet Tales 1955

A pair of short ballets, written for the screen, filmed and performed by artists of the Georgian SSR. In color, with narration.

Rock with Barney

Rock with Barney 1991

Adam's mother takes the Backyard Gang and Barney (still a stuffed toy doll) to the studio where she works. While there, Barney and the Backyard Gang tour the studio on their own, while producing their own show. From a cereal commercial set and a puppet show and the six little ducks and teddy bears and the US flag and an island paradise and a make up place to a jungle, the show is filmed along with many props in the studio. With the power of imagination and some movie magic, anything is possible when Barney's around.