Last Desk

Last Desk 1975

A story about a gipsy girl Kati who moves from Hungarian province to Budapest and starts going to school.

Danger Point

Danger Point 1971

Three irresponsible teenagers borrow a yacht belonging to the local Sea Scouts and run out of fuel. They hoist the sail in an endeavour to stop the boat drifting on to the notoriously dangerous Bradda Head, but find themselves in even greater trouble in the shape of a sea-mine.

Mr. Selkie

Mr. Selkie 1979

Mr. Selkie is a seal who comes ashore in the shape of a man during full moon. He helps some children in an anti-pollution campaign.

Nosey Dobson

Nosey Dobson 1976

Set in the beautiful Isle of Arran where an over enthusiastic amateur detective becomes involved in a plot to rob Brodick Castle of its collection of antique silver.

Big Wheels and Sailor

Big Wheels and Sailor 1979

Children of long distance lorry drivers, travelling with their fathers, become involved in attempted hijacking.

Rangi's Catch

Rangi's Catch 1972

Four children on a remote sheep station in New Zealand hear of the escape of two convicts, and realise that the crooks are responsible for burgling their house.

The Johnstown Monster

The Johnstown Monster 1971

Nothing ever happens in the village of Johnstown and even the tourists bypass it. However, one day a youngster takes a photograph of the lake which indicates that the legendary Johnstown Monster might be more than a legend after all.

Moments in a Matchbox

Moments in a Matchbox 1979

The 12-year-old Aneta and Boy feel that there is something like a first love between them. The kids are traveling to the countryside together. They get to two of Aneta's grandparents - one of her grandmothers was married three times. Aneta's favorite grandfather is her grandmother's third husband. He is not her real grandfather, but she loves him because he likes to fantasize. He taught Aneta a magic game - to light a match and imagine anything in flame. Her favorite grandfather dies. Aneta mourns him for a long time, lights matches but no use.