Alice in Chains: [1993] Hollywood Rock Festival

Alice in Chains: [1993] Hollywood Rock Festival 1993

Alice in Chains at Praça da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on January 22, 1993 (Hollywood Rock Festival). Setlist: 01. Dam That River / 02. We Die Young / 03. Them Bones / 04. Would? / 05. Love, Hate, Love / 06. Junkhead / 07. God Smack / 08. Bleed the Freak / 09. Put You Down / 10. It Ain't Like That / 11. Hate to Feel / 12. Angry Chair / 13. Man in the Box

End of Summer

End of Summer 1980

a father will travel the next day to the Diaspora that he came from, and tomorrow will get separated again from his son, who should stay in Beirut, where he will live in a boarding school without his parents, His mother had gone years ago, the two feel that the last day of summer, must be special. They go to the funfairs and gardens and then at the end of the day, carrying with him the most beautiful memories.

John Cage: I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It

John Cage: I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It 1990

This 56-minute documentary on America's most controversial and unique composer manages to cover a great many aspects of Cage's work and thought. His love for mushrooms, his Zen beliefs and use of the I Ching, and basic bio details are all explained intelligently and dynamically. Black Mountain, Buckminster Fuller, Rauschenberg, Duchamp are mentioned. Yoko Ono, John Rockwell, Laurie Anderson, Richard Kostelanetz make appearances. Fascinating performance sequences include Margaret Leng-Tan performing on prepared piano, Merce Cunningham and company, and performances of Credo In Us, Water Music, and Third Construction. Demystifies the man who made music from silence, from all sounds, from life.

The Replacements: Incident on 7th Street

The Replacements: Incident on 7th Street 1981

During the first week of September 1981, Twin/Tone took the mobile recording unit and rented a bunch of video gear and recorded 15 bands live (five nights) at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis... These movies are from the show on September 5th. The band had released "Sorry Ma..." earlier in the year and were already working on future projects. These clips are presented as they were recorded live... in set order and very much with the tuning that troubled the night. The Replacements were the middle band of three (Husker Du closed the show) and played two 25 minute sets.

Rockpile: Live at Rockpalast

Rockpile: Live at Rockpalast 1980

Rockpile recorded their installment of the German TV show Rockpalast in January 1980, a few months before the appearance of their lone LP, Seconds of Pleasure, but at that point, the quartet were a fixture on the new wave scene, touring constantly and appearing on solo LPs by their co-leaders Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe. All this is a roundabout way of saying that Rockpile wasn't hurting for material: they drew heavily upon Edmunds' solo records in particular -- 13 of the songs on this 17-song setlist appeared on one of Dave's LPs -- interspersing a few rock & roll oldies along with songs from Nick, plus a showcase for Billy Bremner

Wire on the Box: 1979

Wire on the Box: 1979 1979

The first-ever official live document from brilliant 70s art-punks Wire is finally released on this CD/DVD set, which captures their 1979 performance on then-West Germany's "Rockpalast" show.

Street Scene

Street Scene 1993

The opera takes place on the doorstep of a tenement on the East Side of Manhattan on two brutally hot days in 1946. The story focuses on two plotlines: the romance between Rose Maurrant and her neighbor Sam Kaplan; and on the extramarital affair of Rose's mother, Anna, which is eventually discovered by Rose's irritable father, Frank. The show portrays the ordinary romances, squabbles and gossips of the neighbors, as the mounting tensions involving the Maurrant family eventually build into a tragedy of epic proportions. Broadcast on BBC Two on New Years Day, 1993, this production was performed by the English National Opera and conducted by James Holmes.



A musical about six strangers who find themselves stuck on the New York City subway.

MTV Unplugged: Bleachers

MTV Unplugged: Bleachers

Bleachers unplug for an acoustic set of hits like “Don't Take the Money” featuring Lorde and “I Wanna Get Better” at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

La Cenerentola

La Cenerentola 1988

Gioacchino Rossini's sparkling version of the Cinderella story comes live from the Salzburg Festival with Ann Murray and Francisco Araiza as Cinderella and the Prince. Director Michael Hampe envisions La Cenerentola less as a fairy tale and more as a gently satirical comment on the nature of society and the relationship between people. Conductor Riccardo Chailly's masterly display of the Rossini style is visually matched by the opulent and elegant set designs by Mauro Pagano. 162 minutes.

We Still Are!

We Still Are! 1985

Promo film for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, with host Alice Faye. Faye looks back on her career in Hollywood.

An Artist

An Artist 1994

In this short animation, a girl is so carried away by her love of music that she forgets about her household chores. Her father tells her to finish the dishes. Instead of washing them, she turns them into musical instruments, and he finally recognizes her talent. Based on Article 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, this film illustrates children's right to develop their talents and abilities to their fullest potential.

The Hunt for Bo Hansson

The Hunt for Bo Hansson 1977

A film story about the composer and musician Bo Hansson, once half of Hansson & Carlsson. Bo Hansson is now better known abroad than in Sweden. He has composed numerous books including Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'.